LightBlue Bean

Here are some common questions related to the LightBlue Bean.

Does the LightBlue Bean work as common Arduino board?

Sure, the LightBlue Bean is actually an ATmega 328p  chip integrated with Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth LE) support. You could check the information at

Does the LightBlue Bean work with the official Arduino IDE?

Sure. But since the LightBlue Bean uses Bluetooth LE for communication, your PC/Mac must supports Bluetooth LE too.
If your PC/Mac supports it, you could follow the guide to connect your computer and the LightBlue Bean. After setting up your PC/Mac with required drivers and the Bean Loader, you could the Arduino IDE to upload and program the LightBlue Bean with your own Sketch. (i.e. Use the LightBlue Bean as common Arduino boards)
Because the Bluetooth LE is supported by Windows 8.1 / OS X 10.9 (including their later versions), previous version of Windows and OS X doesn't support to program the LightBlue Bean with the official Arduino IDE.

LightBlue Bean 可以當作一般的 Arduino 板使用嗎?

可以,LightBlue Bean 是一個將 ATmega 328p 與 Bluetooth LE (藍芽4.0)整合在一起的板子。可以到  瀏覽板子的詳細資訊(英文)。

LightBlue Bean 可以透過官方的 Arduino IDE 寫程式嗎?

可以,但因為 LightBlue Bean 使用 Bluetooth LE 作為連線方式,你的 PC 或是 Mac 也必須支援 Bluetooth LE。如果你的 PC/Mac 有支援,可以依照下列網址的內容進行設定。 依照 LightBlue Bean 官網連結所介紹的方式設定好驅動程式並裝好 Bean Loader 之後,即可打開官方的 Arduino IDE 將寫好的 Sketch 上傳並燒錄到 LightBlue Bean 上(亦即可將 LightBlue Bean 當成一般的 Arduino 板使用)
因為 Windows 8.1 / OS X 10.9 (包含他們的更新版本)才支援 Bluetooth LE,較舊版本的 Windows 及 OS X 無法使用官方的 Arduino IDE 來對 LightBlue Bean 寫程式。

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